Monday, May 17, 2021

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Tai Sabaki is the basis of Aikido and many other martial arts, as well as dance, acting, and other forms of physical expression. It is the system of body movements through which we learn to handle our bodies to avoid attacks, redirect aggressive energy, increase positive energy and move harmoniously. The movements themselves are simple, but through practice they become elegant, efficient and spontaneous. Tai Sabaki practitioners develop an inner body wisdom, increase balance, core strength, flexibility and overall body tone. Other benefits of regular Tai Sabaki practice include weight loss, greater self-confidence and increased energy which carries over into other areas of daily life.

Aikido Cultural Institute offers special classes in Tai Sabaki 3 days per week. Classes focus on exercises to develop flexibility and strength. Techniques are performed without falling, allowing adults of all ages and conditioning levels to participate with minimal stress on the body. Come experience the joy of movement, while developing your self-confidence and overall physical well-being.